Slovenia - a true gem for all adventurists and glamping enthusiasts

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Slovenia is the land of many wanders. Let it surprise you with its exceptional natural beauty, cultural diversity and hospitable natives on every step of the way.

Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian plain. Slovenians refer to their country as “The Green Treasure of Europe”, because it is small, unbelievably beautiful and GREEN!


The country measures 20,273 km² (7827 mi²) in area, and is home to two million inhabitants – sincere, hospitable people of great diligence. It has an exceptional number of top athletes, and a wealth of cultural creativity.

Once part of former Yugoslavia, Slovenia became Independent in 1991. The country may not have a majestic history like many larger European nations, but the past is nevertheless important. For many it is surprising that such a small nation, without kings or famous military leaders of its own, could even form, survive and carve out an independent path. But this is the result of the resilience and determination of the Slovene people, whose culture and common language have survived for centuries.

Slovenia is the only European country which connects the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain in manageable distances.

And that’s not all: it also has the Karst and other beauties!


Green – Active - Healthy

There is an old Slovenian saying that when the world was created, each land got something of its own: one got mountains, another sea, this one endless fields, that one dense forests… In the end, when all the lands were priding themselves on their luxuries, Slovenia spoke up: What about me? And at that moment, everything emerged that had waited right until the end: the best of everything! Enough to create another world. All this was brought together by the last, the most important element: a handful of love. This love had a special power. It connected the sea with mountains, forests with waters, fields with vineyards, the specialities of the underground with the light of the sky, so the beauties touch each other in Slovenia. With this closeness, they changed the initial infatuation into a lasting green love; with their existence, they encouraged an active search for the good; with the experiences they enable, they boosted a healthy heart rate. This is why Slovenia is green, active and healthy. You can find love and feel it in your own way.

Discover your sLOVEnia!

Source: iFeelsLOVEnia

Luxury Glamping Resorts and Eco Villages in Slovenia

Experience "above standard glamping" in an organised but completely natural environment.

Chateau Ramsak Glamping Resort  A dream come true in a hidden green paradise

Glamping resort Chateau Ramšak invites you to a hidden gem in one of the most beautiful and untainted parts of Slovenia – picturesque wine region of Styria on the North East. Nestled within over fifteen hectares of rolling green hillsides to our own exquisite vineyards, it is a true paradise for lovers of nature, luxury and wine itself. Only a moment away from the bustling city of Maribor, this is one of the most unspoilt destinations in Slovenia. The Ramšak estate, with its fairy tale country castle is over two centuries old, steeped in ancient history and drenched in natural beauty. Type of accommodation:

  • Dreamy Tree Tent
  • Romantic Glamping Tent for two
  • Glamorous Family Glamping Tent

All featuring a private terrace with a hot tub

Garden Village Bled – Surround yourself with nature’s luxury

Photo by: Iztok Medja

You’ve come to the perfect place to relax, unwind and fill your lungs with fresh air. Your home away from home – located right next to Lake Bled - Slovenia’s most beautiful and well-known attraction.

Type of accommodation:

  • Tree houses
  • Glamping tents
  • Pier tents
  • Tree tents
  • Luxury apartments

Glamping Mountain Fairy TaleRelaxation in harmony with nature

In the oases of the incredible nature, right below the highest mountain picks, there is glamping fairy tale filled with 6 luxury wooden houses – located near the town Trzic in North of Slovenia.

This area is convenient for the visitors, who want to explore natural, cultural and historical attractions as well as enjoy various sport activities.

Fairy Tale glamping site is your ideal base for long walks, hiking, climbing, fishing, swimming, skiing, sled riding, snowboarding etc. And for those who are looking for something more adventurous there are plenty of adrenalin activities as paragliding, mountain biking, rafting, cross country and skiing.

Type of accommodation:

  • Luxury wooden houses

Glamping Forest Edge – Let yourself be pampered

Glamping Forest Edge invites you to a hidden gem in one of the most beautiful and untrained parts of Slovenia. Situated on a great location, just half an hour drive away from the Slovenian capital  Ljubljana, you will find an invaluable break for the soul and indulge yourself in the moment of perfection.

Thoughtfully designed wooden tents and a beautiful interior make your stay memorable. The smell of wood and a large triangle window will guarantee you a unique sleeping experience in nature.

While staying at the Glamping Forest Edge, you will have a chance to experience pure nature, sport activities, exploring mountains, lakes and towns nearby. Welcome to a million stars gem. 


  • Wooden cabins

Kolpa Resort Glamping – Relaxation and pleasure in natural surroundings

In the heart of Bela krajina, located in South East part of Slovenia, a wonderful glamping resort is designed, consisting of wooden houses, glamorous tents and a natural swimming pool. It also features an open fireplace and open sky library.

Built in a wonderful setting, on raised ground where the old Manor House of Krasinec once stood, the resort sits on a hill just a stone's throw away from the river Kolpa, with stunning views of both the Slovenian and Croatian countryside.


  • Wooden Houses
  • Glamping Tents

Mountain View GlampingFeel the authenticity of nature

Mountain View Glamping is located in the sunniest village in Slovenia - Dovje. Situated in the middle of a beautiful nature in the heart of the mountains - between the Karavanke mountains in the north and the Julian Alps in the south. The location is suitable for hiking, cycling or a shorter escape in nature. Here you will enjoy fresh air and due to the entire glass facade of the house, you will wake up to the sight of highest Slovenian mountains. There is a huge garden, where you can walk, pick up flowers, or tear off organic fruit from trees. On private terraces you can take some rest on the deckchairs beside the house. Each house has a private bathroom with basic toiletries in the immediate vicinity.

At each step, you will be accompanied by a smell of fresh hay and also have a privilege to meet some friendly animals that will brighten up your day.


  • Wooden houses

Boutique Eco Resort Ortenia – 6 stars of nature 

Operating a boutique eco resort Ortenia – Apartments in Nature is a result of the mission, to promote a sustainable living, as well as sustainable, green tourism in a natural environment, in the heart of the Slovenian thermal area, by sustainable usage of natural resources, engaging and connecting local food and beverage producers, employing local people and assuring their guests as much outdoor sports and leisure activities as possible.

Thereby they want to give their guests the opportunity to enjoy their free time or holidays in a responsible way and at the same time feel the beauty, commodity and warmth of Ortenia.


  • Eco Apartments

Beeland – Luxury and comfort in coexistence with nature

Busy bees invite you to their beehives – little wooden houses where you can pamper yourself with their honey.

Beeland is the perfect place for everyone who wish for something special and coexistence with nature.  Place for the individuals, romantic souls or families.

The resort is situated on the fragrant meadow in the middle of beautiful Savinja valley. This special setting is found in the town Mozirje in East part of Slovenia.

It is designed for guests, who want to experience original holidays and make unforgettable memories. Stay in chalets in the form of a honeycomb and watch how busy bees are bringing real magical atmosphere. But the chalets are not unique accommodations only in spring and summer time, when the bees are active. Your holidays can also feel very special in autumn and winter months, when you can create your own wellness with jacuzzi and sauna.


  • Chalets in the form of a honeycomb

Saksida Estate – Culinary paradise in Slovenian Tuscany


Family owned Saksida Estate is striving to create a green nook where guests and the environment can exist in harmony and co-create the content of this area that is far from the daily routine. In 2018, the resort was awarded with the Eco camping label. This promotes measures to improve environmental protection, safety and quality in the camp.

Situated in the village Zalošče, in the heart of the Vipava valley. Outstanding vineyards and well-maintained vines, sitting just above the Vipava river valley, are their greatest treasure. In addition to their excellent wines, you will be able to enjoy some of the Vipava valley’s finest traditional culinary delights. The estate is conveniently located just one hour from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, about 30 minutes from Trieste, and an hour-and-a half from Venice. 


  • Wooden bungalows


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