Slovenian Hidden Bays

Still dreaming about that perfect summer getaway? Would you like to experience something unique, inviting, dreamy and unforgettable? Are you a beach person that appreciates clear blue waters? Slovenia has an amazing variety of beautiful little bays decorated with white pebbles where is easy to find a private spot under the tree that offers that very much needed shade in the hot summer months.

Summer temperatures on the coastline can reach as high as 38°C and the sea can warm up to 28°C

However the area in the mountains always stays a bit cooler, but still very warm with the water temperature rising to comfortable 23°C.

Below I am presenting Slovenian's most picturesque spots by the water. Experience the ultimate and unspoilt natural beauty, while taking the advantage to just dip in and release the senses.

1. Kozjak Waterfall

The magazine National Geographic Traveller has placed Slovenia on a few important lists. The tourist package Green Charms of Slovenia was selected as one of the "50 Tours of a Lifetime." The Kozjak Waterfall was singled out as especially worth seeing.

The waterfall is one of the most visited natural wonders in Slovenia. It is 15m high, located at the edge of Triglav National Park near the town called Kobarid on the far North-West corner of Slovenia. The waterfall is created by the crystal clear Kozjak Stream which springs from 2,142m high Krnica mountain. The water is fresh, but because of its exceptional beauty, it still welcomes many swimmers every summer. 

Many people say Kozjak waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia. It isn't the largest or the highest but it is the most memorable waterfalls you will ever see and totally unique.


2. Moon Bay

A rocky shore located in the Strunjan Nature Reserve. The beach is sometimes 10-meter-wide, at some points less than a meter and is easily accessible by a path. It's extremely popular  for relaxing and tranquil water sports such us SUPing. The new trend that you can notice right on every bay or the beach visiting.

It's located in Strunjan on the beautiful Slovenian coastline on the South-West part of the country.


3. The bay of St. Bartholomew beach, Ankaran

Today in the bay, there is a mussel farm; in the past, however there were two port piers and perhaps even a Villa Rustica, as evidenced by the remains of ancient settlement found on land and in the sea, and the foundations of two sets of antique structures in the sea. Some experts believe that an ancient fish farm might have existed in this place.


4. Nadiža Valley and Napoleon Bridge

Nadiža River is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers. Locals also believe the river has healing powers.

The Nadiža has carved out pools and gorges, as well as depositing numerous shingle beaches. It’s most picturesque parts can only be accessible while trailing by the river, but its well worth it. 

The famous stone bridge crossing the Nadiža gorge dates to around 1812 and stands mute testament to the routes crossing the area since at least the time of Ancient Rome. 


5. Žusterna Beach, Koper

Brand new beach positioned along the green park with the trees have just opened in June 2022. It offers 5 amazing bays decorated with white pebbles. This is an amazing destination for young families, as the water is really inviting and shallow to begin with. It offers great selection of playgrounds, sandpits and ice cream places of course. It is located next to the largest town on the coastline and it is a great addition for locals and amazing source to bring more tourists to the area. 


6. Strunjan Beach, Strunjan

There is another beach that has just recently been refurbished. It features a large area of sunbeds positioned next to the health spa, where visitors can enjoy maximum comfort and tranquillity while the little ones can still use the amnesties of the locally positioned playground.

Source: iFeelSlovenia