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When it comes to chairs, you often hear the term Ergonomics, but what does this term actually mean? You can read it below!

Ergonomics or ergonomic means adapting the environment to the human being. This can be a space, workplace, but also a product. Ergonomics influence almost everything in our daily lives, but we mainly know it in work situations. Moreover, the word ergonomics is derived from the Greek words 'ergo' (work) and 'nomos' (law). 

Three specialization domains:

Within ergonomics there are 3 different specialization domains: Physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics and organizational ergonomics. Crespo's furniture comes under Physical Ergonomics, which takes into account human anatomy, anthropometry, physiology and biomechanics in relation to physical activity. Relevant topics here are posture, repetitive movements, comfort, etc.

Crespo and Ergonomics:

Besides the fact that ergonomics play an important role in work situations, it is also extremely important if you want to relax in a healthy way. When designing ergonomic products, ease of use and comfort play an important role. At Crespo you can see this in the following characteristics: 

The armrests of the chairs are ergonomically shaped. By using an armrest, your arm automatically assumes a healthy and comfortable position and prevents you from sinking. The armrest provides constant support for the arm and gives it the necessary relief.

The backrest is ergonomically shaped and additionally equipped with a pillow. The backrest has a bulge at the bottom, which supports the lower back and the pelvis, and therefore also the spine. In addition, Crespo has also developed a lumbar support.

The seat is ergonomically shaped. A seat that is too deep often causes sagging. This results in a rounded back and makes getting up and moving a lot more difficult. In addition, too great a seat depth can also cause your lower legs to be pinched. Crespo therefore offers chairs with different seat depths.

Because everyone has a different physique, different chairs have been developed with their own ergonomic shape. For example, one chair has a longer back length or seat depth and the other chair has a wider seat, as you can see below:

In addition, the chairs are lightweight so you don't have to lift heavy.

In short: with Crespo you can enjoy in your own garden, on the beach or at the campsite in a responsible way, which is good for the posture of your body. 

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Are you looking for a Crespo camping chair but you have no idea which one to choose? Crespo has different upholstery for camping furniture. This so that you have exactly the right variant for comfortable sitting and camping.

What is Classic?

The Classic collection is characterized by the use of high-quality textilene. This material is very lightweight, has a high air permeability, is weather resistant and durable. The frame of the products is made of high quality aluminium, is corrosion resistant and lightweight.

The Air-Deluxe collection is characterized by the padded 3D Mesh with Dry Comfort Foam . The padded 3D mesh top layer ensures high air permeability in the Crespo camping chair. In addition, this top layer is durable. The Dry Comfort Foam has a permeable effect and ensures a comfortable seat. Do you suffer from allergies? Then it is good to know that the Air-Deluxe upholstery is anti-allergic and house dust mite resistant according to the OEKO-TEX standard.

The frame of the Air-Deluxe collection is made of high quality aluminium. In addition, it is corrosion resistant and is finished with an epoxy coating in anthracite.